Miller STN

    • SprayView IV

      SprayView IV

      SprayView IV Precision Farming Kit is a member of the CNH Industrial line of field computers. 

      The kit includes:  SprayView IV ISOBus field computer, SpraySteer™ navigation and a NH372 GPS receiver.  

      The SprayView IV is customizable, intuitive and easy to operate.  You can run up to 6 screens on a single monitor.  It is easily adaptable to other equipment on your farm.  Monitor and record field performance operations.

      • 10.4 inch touch screen display
      • Fingertip adjustment of most spray functions including but not limited to: Rate Control, Section Control, IntelliSpray, Steering, Boom Leveling and Chemical Injection
      • ISOBus virtual terminal


      Telematics / PLM Connect™

      PLM™ CONNECT is designed to keep information flowing between the equipment and the management of your business.  It works on a cellular network and automatically jumps towers when your equipment is moving from field to field.  Features include:  vehicle/fleet management, vehicle/fleet monitoring, vehicle/fleet maintenance, vehicle/fleet status, wireless data transfer and much much more.  The agronomic data belongs to the owner – neither CNH Industrial nor the dealer will have access to it.

      SpraySteer™ Navigation

      SpraySteer is a fully integrated CNH Industrial designed and developed Automatic Steering System.  Available from the factory or as a retrofit package, the SpraySteer™ system maximizes productivity and efficiency to optimize your yields and to increase your profits.  Matching DGPS or RTK Technology to fully integrated control, SpraySteer helps ensure parallel pass-to-pass accuracy of up to 1 inch.  SpraySteer is the natural choice for precision work in even the most demanding conditions and it has been designed to dramatically enhance operator performance and comfort.  Furthermore, this can be linked to Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) applications. In line with CNH Industrials Open Strategy.  CNH’s capability to utilize and export different competitive A-B guidance lines with SpraySteer allows maximum flexibility.

      Headland Turning

      The SpraySteer™ Navigation system can be upgrade (unlock code) for automated headland turns.  Makes finding the proper reentry row automatic!

    • 372 Reciever / Antenna

      372 Receiver / Antenna

      This top-of-the-line receiver is compatible with RTK Radio Transmission, RTX Range Point,  RTX Center Point, OmniSTAR, WAAS and GLONASS correction signals to guarantee year-round, and season-after season productivity and accuracy. Its slim profile makes it perfect for all machines.  NOTE: Subscriptions are not included.  The quick attach system allows the antenna to easily be transferred from Sprayer to tractor, swather, combine or forage harvester.

       xFill: backup for an RTK signal

      Customers that work in rolling terrain, or when topography blocks the line of sight from the base station, xFill technology offers a reliable solution. xFill is a dependable backup system, which provides up to 20 minutes of correction following the loss of an RTK signal.

       New xFill™ Premium key features

      xFill™ Premium is a subscription-based feature that allows extended use of CenterPoint RTX when traditional xFill™ eithertimes out or degrades below the accuracy of CenterPoint RTX.  When RTK correction signal is interrupted, xFill™ Premiumcan seamlessly transition the correction signal type from RTKto CenterPoint RTX, allowing the customer to continue runningwithout interruption and without a line shift. Once RTK correctionreturns, the system will automatically return to using the RTKcorrection signal.

    • Viper 4+

      The powerful 4th generation field computer just got better

      Viper® 4+ integrates with Raven's full line of products into one networked platform that offers a capacitive touchscreen and an intuitive, tablet-style interface with swiping features and horizontal or vertical orientation. Customize your Viper 4+ by user and machine. Easy job set-up, fewer touches, and greater efficiency allow for extraordinary data management capabilities.

      ›  Available on all Nitro and Condor models

      • Faster boot-up time - approximately 30 seconds
      • Capacitive touchscreen - versus a resistive screen
      • Screen up to 3 times brigher with improved peripheral viewing
      • Ignition switch start-up and boot-down
      • Built-in-self-test capabilities to help identify software or hardware issues with the unit itself
    • RS1 Guidance

      The RS1 from Raven combines AutoSteer, GPS and SlingShot into one intuitive, easy to use unit.

      Incredible accuracy at both high and low speeds with quick line acquire improves efficiency and gives you the power to cover more acres in a day. 

      Features and Benefits:

      • Enhanced steering performance in a wide range of speeds and terrain
      • Enhanced 3D compensation for rugged terrain
      • Wide temperature range doe inertial sensors - minus 40 to 158 degrees (-40 to 70 deg.c C)
      • Simplified field calibration
      • Fully scalable GPS solution
      • Enhanced diagnostics and health solution
      • Remote service support
      • Multiple methods of system connectivity (Cellular, WiFi, Erthernet)
      • Compatible with Viper 4+
    • IntelliSpray

      IntelliSpray is a nozzle control system that maintains a consistent droplet size as the sprayer ground speed changes. 

      Features include:

      • 36 virtual sections - all the nozzle bodies that are on the boom are divided into 36 groups or sections
      • Turn compensation - as you turn a corner or go around an obstacle the system will compensate for the speed change at each end of the boom
      • Fast on/off - with the solenoid being located on the nozzle body the on/off function is almost instantaneous
      • Significantly minimizes drift
      • Optional individual nozzle control - rather than 36 virtual sections you can add individual nozzle control with no hardware changes

      The IntelliSpray nozzle control system software is standard equipment on all Miller Nitro sprayers when ordered with the Miller Precision Farming Base Kit.  Boom completing kits must be ordered separately. 

    • IntelliHeight XRT Boom Height Control

      Spraying perfection can be achieved with CNH’s IntelliHeight automatic boom height control. IntelliHeight XRT adjusts your booms automatically at speeds of up to 20 mph, increasing your spraying speed 15-30%!

      Automated boom height control can increase application accuracy and reduce boom wear-and-tear by keeping the boom level at the optimal height. IntelliHeight XRT allows you to spray faster and more accurately by automatically adjusting the height of your spray booms as you travel across the field. This means that you spend less time watching your booms and trying to prevent them from hitting the ground or crop. IntelliHeight XRT detects changes in ground height and adjusts your boom height accordingly. Not only can you decrease driver fatigue and wear and tear on your machine, but you increase the accuracy and coverage of the application. It's a simple one-touch operation, allowing you to just sit back and drive. 

      IntelliHeight XRT uses state-of-the-art radar sensors that gauge the distance to the ground. IntelliHeight XRT systems are typically used in pre-emergent and post applications.  Available on both the MonoBeam and Truss style booms.